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Time for some golden showers

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“Aw shame, I’m sure it would have helped”. I replied As she reached for her glass she flinched. “It really is painful”? I enquired “Are you sure you’ll be OK for tomorrow” I asked anxiously After a moments hesitation, I said, “look don’t take this the wrong way, nothing other than an offer to help a maiden in distress, but if you cannot reach, I could always apply the cream. If it helps for now, you could always try to get something better tomorrow like a pain patch”. She was clearly uncertain. “Oh, no that’s fine I’m sure I’ll ………… “She grunted again as she put her glass down. “Look you’re clearly in pain, it will only take five mins” She hesitated………. “I’m not sure, I’m tempted to try it but……….” “Look it’s just one work colleague helping another in need, no strings, and I won’t mention it to a sole”. I said waiving the tube of cream “Oh I guess it’s worth a try. Ok, but not here, we’ll have to go to my room. But not a word to anybody.” “Of course, I wouldn’t know how to explain it to my partner anyway” I agreed We picked up our drinks (both had only taken a sip) and made our way to Sarah’s room. Entering we both stood a little awkwardly “Just inside the shoulder blade” she informed me “Well I’m afraid you’re going to have to expose it for me to be able to put the cream on” She looked anxious “Oh yes, I hadn’t thought about that, perhaps we shouldn’t bother” “Don’t be silly, it’s only your shoulder I need to get at. You only need to undo a few buttons …..” Then I looked. Sarah was wearing a loose tee shirt and a fashionably short black skirt that only came to mid thigh, over thick black leggings. “Ah I see what you mean. Well it’s up to you” “OK just turn round”. I did as she asked “Right, as I turned back Sarah had her top off with her back towards me. “Will this be ok”? She was now just wearing a bra, for the first time I took a good look at her. Sarah stood about 5ft 10 or meybey 11, I always knew she was quite slim, and as a passionate jogger (usually 5 miles a day) her body was even better than I had imagined. Her long legs even more apparent in her black skirt & leggins against the flesh of her back. I think she was in her mid to late 30’s as I’m sure she mentioned once she had her first girl when she was about 20 She definitely had curves but her exercise regime meant I could see no excess fat. Just a firm shapely back and Oh….. Those long legs.

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