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smoke from Diane. Their tongues met and in an instant their frustrations with their boyfriends, lowered resistance because of their partying, and horniness all hit at the same time. Immediately they were kissing hard and deep, clinging to each other, beyond caring. They were soon rubbing their bodies together and Jen said she remembered getting super wet and hot as both of them became turned on to each other. Diane had pushed Jen back onto the sofa and was on top of her when she reached up and rubbed Jen's nipple between her thumb and forefinger through her top - sending bolts of electricity through her body. At that point she knew they were having sex for and nothing was going to stop it. Jens knee rose up between Diane's legs, and they ground themselves together. Diane suddenly pulled back and pushed herself up and looked at Jen. Then with an instant and mutual agreement, they both got up and ran to Diane's bedroom, hand in hand where they ripped each others clothes off and made love all night long. They've been together ever since, and while they both date occasionally (they both like boys/men just fine), they will otherwise be Lesbians Until Graduation (LUGs). I told her not to worry about it - if there was going to be an issue it would be between her mother and her, but certainly not with me. She then sheepishly said that she needed to admit something as well. I asked her what she meant by that, and she told me that the first night I spent with her mother, she heard her mother's moans and cries when we were in bed and she had come home early. We had also left the door ajar, and she had watched us for an hour, and got herself off as well - so now we're even! Jen then said "you know, in a weird way, I'm kind of relieved this happened. I haven't had anyone I could confide in about any of this… My mom would probably hit the roof." "Well,", I said, "we don't have much left to hide from one another now do we?". She laughed and agreed. So I slapped her on the knee and said "C'mon, you can help me make dinner". So we went to the kitchen and started cutting stuff up, had a few drinks and just enjoyed each other's company. Not too long after dark, I got a call from Cindy saying she was almost home, and I told her that dinner was just about ready so her timing was perfect. I poured her a stiff drink just as the taxi pulled up, and handed it to her as she walked in the door. We clinked our glasses together, took a good pull off of them, and I kissed her deeply. I had been anticipating her return and was seriously horny. But for now I knew it was wise to wait, so I took her bags from her and carried them to the bedroom as Jen called out ("Hi mom!") to greet Cindy home. Cindy followed me and shut the door behind us and was taking her business clothes off before I put her bags down. I turned around to watch her and sat on the bed as she kicked off her shoes, and smiled at me whilst I watched her undress hungrily, and I felt my cock hardening. Now nude, she walked over to me and pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me and planted her lips She got up, and said "I've been SO looking forward to this… But Jen is waiting to see me and I hope you don't mind if we save this until later." I told her I didn't mind, but she reached down and unbuckled my pants, unzipped my fly, noted the pre-come wetness of my boxer shorts, pulled them down and sucked my prick into her mouth. I gasped and said "I thought you wanted to wait" and she looked up smiling, and replied "thats just to give you something to think about". She went back down on me, worked my shaft over with her tongue, swallowing me almost whole for a moment, and then got up and said "let's go have dinner" as she pulled on a set of sweat pants, a t-shirt, and finished off her drink. We all had a great dinner together, and after chatting about the events of the week (with a few topics excluded) watched a movie together. Eventually we decided to call it a night and Cindy and I retired to our room, where we pulled off each others clothing, kissed deeply, fell onto the bed, and settled into a beautiful and extended 69. We made love for a few hours and fell into blissful sleep in each others arms. Eventually, as a new sales region was being created and Cindy had to spend a little more time away on business, Jen would spend some more time at home often with Diane coming over. The two of them looked so cute together, and as Jen revealed to Diane that I knew about the two of them and was cool with it, they soon openly showed affection to each other in front of me. Since Jen and I always saw each other at the pool in our bathing suits, and now at home as well (not to mention, completely naked, Jen had started to wear even less around me and occasionally only wore a t-shirt and nothing else, but I did notice that she was starting to lose her completely clean-shaven look in favor of a large triangle over the top of her pussy. I had to ask her to wear just a little more, as otherwise she was really becoming a distraction - much to her amusement. But she and Diane, when staying at the house when Cindy wasn't home, would both walk around wearing very little. While this was going on I had to learn to position my cock so it wasn't obvious that I was as stiff as a board. Nonetheless, I was accepting the "sacrifice" of my boner discomfort in return for seeing two young women strolling around the house with very little clothing on (otherwise, I might as well turn in my "guy credentials"). As Diane became comfortable with me being around when she and Jen were there, it became a common event for her to spend the night. Occasionally, I would hear a moan coming from Jen's room, but they were a lot quieter than they had been that first night I'd seen and watched them (sadly). Once in a while I'd pass one of them in the hall going to/from the bathroom, and would catch the fragrance of pussy as Eventually, the winter settled in, and Cindy was still having to travel, albeit not quite as often as before. But during the winter, travel becomes more unpredictable due to weather conditions, and living in the During Christmas break, Diane went to visit her parents, and I'd noted that I hadn't seen her quite as often and asked Jen about it. She looked at me, sighed, and said that Diane had met a guy, which meant their time together had become more limited. Diane's boyfriend had made disparaging remarks about girls having sex with girls, and though she wanted to continue having sex with Jen, they now had to be a lot more careful. Anyway, the weeks passed and she still came over, but only occasionally to spend a night at a time when Cindy was away, and her boyfriend was otherwise occupied. I asked Jen why she didn't find herself a boyfriend, but she sort of shrugged and said that "the boys at school didn't really interest her that much, they lacked maturity, and most of them had sold out to the frats..." After Christmas and New Years, Cindy had to make another trip out west, and said she would be back late on Friday as they had a early dinner meeting - and she had to take the last flight home. She texted me Friday at lunchtime and said "don't wait up for me - I won't be home until after midnight - I'll meet you in bed :-)". I sent a message beck to her "can't wait - see you later…", and went back to work. I was heads down most of the day (let alone week), and hadn't been watching the TV or the weather. I ate dinner with Jen, we watched a movie, had a few drinks, and I fell asleep on the sofa. When I woke up I got up and wandered off to bed where I read a little while and fell into a deep sleep. Sometime late that night, I felt movement on the bed, and while half asleep felt that familiar body snuggle close to me. I reached over and felt the wonderful shape fold itself into me, as my hands stroked the body cloaked in the sheer nightgown that I'd seen and removed so many times. I felt the heat emitting off her body as I ran my hands over her breasts and felt her nipples sticking out. I whispered "I'm so glad you're home…" and heard a moan as I stroked her. I moved my hand down her torso, and eventually between her legs, which parted as my hand cupped her pussy. I inserted my middle finger into her pussy to stroke up and touch her clitoris, and found her to be soaking wet and very hot. She gyrated her body and pussy to accept my fingers as I continued to stroke, and my erection quickly built. I pushed my cock down between her legs and under her ass, and used it to stroke her pussy from behind while I kissed the back of her neck and rubbed her clit. I felt goosebumps come up over her body as her breathing rate increased. Given how wet she was, and now that I was fully awake, I pushed her shoulders forward and pulled myself back a bit. Noting how wet my cock was, the head quickly found her opening, popped in, and I started pushing into her. She responded with a low groan as my cock entered her. She was already squeezing my shaft with her pussy muscles as I entered her, and I could feel her body trembling as I bottomed out and let my cock bask in the sensation of a hot and wet pussy. We slowly started moving together as I ran my hands down her back and I thrust into her. The smell of sex permeated up through the blankets as her body responded. I grabbed her hips and started slamming her from behind, when my cock was clenched by her pussy, her body shook, and my balls were bathed in a large quantity of cum. I pulled her over to me, and she flipped her onto her back, and opened her little gown. I started running my tongue and lips over her body, from her ears, to her neck, down to her nipples, past her torso and traced the triangular strip I loved to the top of her pussy. I circled the tip of my tongue around her clitoris, and she pushed her pussy up to meet me. I pulled her clit between my lips and sucked on it as her hips started gyrating. The musky smell, while a little different, was complimented by a larger than usual wetness, so

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