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I knew I had accomplished the first part of my mission when I made her cum, but just to make sure I kept licking, fingering and sucking until she came a second time, less than a minute after her first. “Please honey” she gasped, “I’m too sensitive right now” as he pulled me away from her by my hair. I backed away from mom’s pussy and waited for her to recuperate. She looked at me funny and didn’t answer. I was unsure of what to do now. “Can I f… try it now mom?” I finally asked. “Please mom, it’s beginning to hurt” She stood up and wrapped a towel around her chest. Walking out of the bathroom, she shook her head and said “Now, what kind of man are you? Mom left me alone in the bathroom, puzzled and ashamed. I was sure I had done everything described in the magazines, and done a decent job too. By all rights, I should be fucking my mother’s pussy now, not standing here with a severe case of blue balls. If possible, I was feeling even more confused than the previous time. Before I left the bathroom, I checked the hamper again. Like before, there was a pair of freshly worn panties on top. While sniffing the panties, I rubbed out a quick and very unsatisfying orgasm. Just like the first time I tried to fuck her, mom behaved as if nothing had happened. Dinner was still very awkward, but not as bad as the first time. I even managed to say a few words. However, at night I replayed the event over and over, trying to find out what went wrong, and why she might have reacted the way she did. Again, I was lost for answers. The next day, I talked to my friend again. Though his advice had so far done little to help me losing my virginity, he was still my only choice, my only confidant. “I did everything you told me. I kissed her, touched her, her breasts and pussy. I even licked her down there and I made her cum twice, but she wouldn’t let me fuck her” “Are you sure you made her cum? Wasn’t she like, faking it?” “Of course I’m sure, I mean, she was moving around and moaning just like when she's fucking dad and-” “She’s fucking your dad?” Chad interrupted me. “Well, I mean…“ I stammered, searching for an answer to explain everything without revealing my secret. “I see” Chad said. “This woman you almost fucked… You're talking about your mother, right?” “It's okay… I understand.” he said. “Really… I understand” The way he emphasized those last words told me he was serious. “You understand? You mean you… your mom?” “Gross! Eh, well, if my mom looked like yours, I might. But she's not the one I’m talking about” Chad hesitated for a moment, then said only one word. “Jessica” “Jessica? Your sister Jessica?” I asked.

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